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650 sq.m.

Area -


Location -


Completion -

The office space is long, high and narrow. It faces Haifa Port on the north side and Rehov Hanamal in Haifa's lower city on the south. The company's employees occupy rooms along a central corridor created by differences in height. New geometrical cubes were thus formed under the encompassing high ceiling.
In the design format that we devised, a shade of green displays a reassuring presence that emphasizes the new facades created in the space.
The walls of the rooms facing the corridor are transparent, creating an experience of transitioning between color and material, between the rooms and the common areas. The play of varied shades of color integrated with the basic green lends the work stations and the entire office an air of lightness.

Branding and graphic design: Yonatan Kobri. Illustrations: Raanan Mori 3-media

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